Be Kind to Yourself


I choose to eat healthy

I choose to exercise consistently

I am a beautiful person

I love myself just the way I am

I choose to get better and better every day

I deserve all of the good things I want out of life

I enjoy eating fresh, healthy food

I am very motivated to work out because I know how good I feel when I’m done

I am very fortunate to be so healthy

I love who I am

I move forward without fear

These are just some ideas of what I would use. You need to fill in the blanks with what you wish to create in your life. Whatever works for you – do it. Don’t wait another day.

Affirmations keep me positive on a daily basis. Am I human? Yes. Do I look at myself in the mirror some days and say “how did I let this happen?” Yes, but for the most part now I say, “You are doing a good job Marion, keep doing the best you can do!” “You are beautiful just the way you are.”

With those kinds of positive words to myself, how can I go wrong?

Be kind to yourself! (Dwi Anggrayana N)


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